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How Can Hypnotherapy Make Me More Confident?

I used to be very shy, I suffered from very bad social anxiety and although I used to mask it pretty well on the outside I was a nervous wreck inside. I like most people with my hair colour used to blush quite easily. I used to avoid social situations where ever possible and did not have many friends, the relationships I did have were not healthy. One day I decided enough was enough and I made a resolution to change. I started using hypnotherapy on myself about 5 years ago and today I am a completely different person, I still have times when I feel I am lacking confidence but I have come an extremely long way compared to who and where I used to be.

I go to places that I would never have dreamed of going to before and I go to them on my own, I never used to speak to strangers, I would struggle to make small talk with people I didn’t know in the last few years I have made friends with people I would never have even spoken to in the past.

So How Can Hypnotherapy Make You More Confident?

I tell my clients, “hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing state, it is not sleeping but you will become extremely relaxed and comfortable, you may not remember everything that is said and an hour may feel like 5 minutes, hypnosis is a perfectly natural state where positive change can occur”. No one is exactly sure what the phenomenon of hypnosis is but I subscribe to the theory that hypnosis is an effective way to access the R.E.M state, R.E.M stands for Rapid Eye Movement and it is the state we all enter just before deep sleep. R.E.M is where dreams occur.


Scientists have found that our brains go through 5 different brainwave states, these are:


Beta is the normal waking state and the frequency of beta brainwaves is between 14-40 Hz. Beta brainwaves give us logic and the ability to reason critically. It is in this brainwave state that we tend to experience self-doubt, a lack of confidence stress and anxiety.


Alpha brainwaves are useful during therapy. When we experience alpha brainwaves we are usually in a state of relaxation, in this brainwave state we can daydream and visualise things clearly.


Theta is the state that a professional hypnotherapist wants their client to access during a therapy session, theta is where R.E.M occurs and by accessing this state we can reprogram the subconscious mind. To protect us in our dreams our brains stop our muscles from working, a phenomenon known as catalepsy. I usually check for catalepsy during a therapy session as this helps me to ensure the client has reached the correct depth of trance. Theta is a super learning state. I use theta binaural beats on many of my mp3 downloads such as my free one that you can get by subscribing below.

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Science has proven that children are predominantly in the alpha and theta brainwave states until the age of 7, this is crucial for their learning and development it is also where many of us pick up our most limiting beliefs, fears and phobias. I think it is during this time that I picked up my fear of strangers, it’s probably where most of us learn to be wary of people we don’t know, “stranger danger”. Some adults find a child that blushes cute but this is not a particularly comfortable or useful trait when we become adults.

Delta & Gamma

Delta & gamma waves are not of much interest during therapy. Delta is the state we enter during deep sleep, gamma has only recently been discovered by scientists and not much is know about it.

Mental Rehearsal

I use many techniques during therapy sessions, one that I always include in some form or another is mental rehearsal. The therapeutic name for mental rehearsal is future pacing or future creation. With future pacing, the client can practice new behaviours in situations that they found difficult before, see themselves doing well in an upcoming situation or having achieved goals in the future.

How Can Hypnotherapy Make Me More Confident? November 21, 2018

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